DA Media is the advertising company focusing on member and specialist magazines.

We sell for a number of newspapers, including one of Sweden’s largest.

We will help you reach specific professional groups and affluent customers in both the private and the public sector.


With our expertise in media sales, we help you to combine various magazines and websites to give you the optimal number of connections as well as increased business and revenue opportunities.


We help you to create cost efficient contacts!


Our commissions

Dagens Arbete

Circulation: 378 200 (2018)
Number of issues per year: 10
70 % men, 30 % women

The unions IF Metall, GS and The Swedish Paper Workers’ Unions’ member magazine. It has very high credibility and is often quoted in other media such as TV and radio. Dagens Arbete is a committed voice in public debate. It is read primarily by men who know their industry and always chooses the best of safety products and clothing.


Circulation: 34 700 (2018)
Number of issues per year:10
37 % men, 63 % women

You reach employees and small businesses in the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry. The magazine contains news from the industry, workplace reports, guides and expert panels, recipes, and more. The magazine has been published since 1918 by the Hotel and Restaurant Union.


Circulation: 31 400 (2018)
Number of issues per year: 4
45 % men, 55 % women

One of Sweden’s largest cultural magazines. Fönstret is an effective channel for anyone who wants to reach important opinion makers in terms of culture, politics and education. Inspirational and current content about culture, travel, food, author meetings, leadership, education and more.

1,6 & 2,6 miljonerklubben

Circulation: 32 000
Number of issues per year: 4
0,4 % men, 99,6 % women

Focuses on increased health and quality of life for women. The 1.6 & 2.6 million club has developed a strong platform for women who care about their well-being and other women’s well-being. Through the magazine you can reach this buying target audience.

Kloka hem

Reach: 35 000 readers
Number of issues per year: 5
21 % men, 79 % women

Kloka Hem combines the climate smart with the beautiful. Here you have tips on both sustainable and enjoyable shopping. It is in Kloka Hem you first hear about the innovations that provides your home with climate-smart from the sun, wind, water and firewood while you drastically reduce your energy costs.

Mål & Medel

Circulation: 29 200 (2018)
Number of issues per year: 11
60 % men, 40 % women

Swedish Food Workers’ Unions’ member magazine. It brings up everything related to food, has high credibility and contains current affairs and news reports. Mål & Medel also portray its members’ working conditions.


Circulation: 10 000
Number of issues per year:5
53 % men, 47 % women

From the National Association of Pensioners Community. SeniorPosten is a membership magazine and is sent directly home and is included in the membership fee. The magazine is also available to read at the library. Even other associations can subscribe to an annual subscription.


Circulation: 6 100 (2018)
Number of issues per year: 11
51 % men, 49 % women

The newspaper for dairy farmers. Provides inspiration, shows the latest news about milk production from both Swedish and international horizons, suggesting possible solutions. The focus is on the dairy company and the profitability of the farm.


Circulation: 4 800 (2018)
Number of issues per year: 6
69 % men, 31 % women

The magazine writes for everyone with beef production.The content is all from breeding, feeding, animal health, feed production, technology and building to entrepreneurship with a focus on economics.


Circulation: 5 500
Number of issues per year: 6
53 % men, 47 % women

Swedish Churchs’ Academic Unions’ member magazine. It’s for all the decision makers in the Swedish Church. It has high credibility and gives the readers tips and tools for their professional life.


Circulation: 5 000 (2018)
Number of issues per year: 4
53 % men, 47 % women

The magazine Expo is the channel for advertisers who clearly want to take a stand for openness and diversity. The magazine provides in-depth reviews, analyzes and stories about racist ideas and groups, how they affect our society and how they can be counteracted.


Unique visitors: ca 63 069/month
Visitors: ca 91 169/month
Pageviews: ca 121 958/month

Online magazine who comments on Swedish and international politics daily.